• Unit6?In a nature park Part A Let’s learn 教案
    庆霞教學准备1.教学目标Can listen ,speak ,read and write the words :forest, hill , river ,mountain ,lake.and use these words in :Is there a … the park ? Yes ,there is . No, there isnt .Can listen ,speak,read and write the sentences: Is t

    学校教育研究 2020年16期2020-08-20

  • Unit 3 On the move Understanding ideas教学设计
    于洪益Learning objectives:1. Analyze texts, using reading clues.2. List benefits from football and promote sports.Difficult and important points: Applying reading clues in viewing, listening, reading, speaking and writing.Learning me

    学校教育研究 2020年7期2020-04-09

  • 《the revision of subjunctive mood 》教学设计
    闫光泽Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students will …●Students will be able to master the rules and basic structure of subjunctive mood.●Students will be able to use the subjunctive mood in different situations.●Students wi

    学校教育研究 2020年23期2020-01-14

  • 《I’m Cooking in the Kitchen?》教学设计(Part B)
    俱一心一、Teaching key and Difficult points1.Teaching key points:Students can master target sentence patterns, and use these sentences independently.2. Teaching difficult points: The Present Continuous of new words and the usage of thi

    学校教育研究 2019年15期2019-12-15

  • Speaking and Writing教学设计
    王春燕The speaking activity gives students an opportunity to work together and practice their persuasive skills by producing an advertisement for their restaurant, and according to the activity, it also gives students an opportunity

    学校教育研究 2018年9期2018-05-14

  • 教与学的落差

    江苏教育 2014年1期2014-02-24

  • 浅谈如何有效地进行教学反思

    物理教学探讨 2009年12期2009-06-02

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